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The ConQuip

Superior Technology, Quality, and Service

Founded in 1994, ConQuip, Inc. has established itself as a premier manufacturer of high precision, quality converting equipment.

ConQuip measures value by you, the customer. It’s not enough that our products do everything we design them to. We succeed only when they do everything you want them to. Accordingly, every project we undertake is assigned to a project manager, personally responsible for executing your specific needs and expectations and ensuring those expectations are met. Your project manager will shepherd your project through design to manufacture to assembly to startup, and be available whenever you need him to answer questions or address concerns.

As for equipment, ConQuip understands the importance of robust, reliable, productive and safe designs as well as what is required to provide a machine that is relatively simple and convenient for our customers’ plant personnel to operate and maintain. Designing with operation, maintenance and safety in mind is a big part of what we do here at ConQuip.

ConQuip can offer customer support from both their US and Chinese facilities. This is especially important for multi-national customers. By having personnel available that can interface promptly and without language barriers with foreign plants and their counterparts here in the US makes for smooth projects without some of the encumbrances of time zones and language barriers.

Also, ConQuip has significant experience in installing and starting-up equipment both in the US and abroad.

ConQuip is currently in a growth mode and plans to add even more resources to assist their customers with future projects as well as supporting their existing machines. With well thought-out designs, proper project management, sound manufacturing and assembly practices, customer support out of both the US and China, and experienced personnel both in-house and out in the field, ConQuip reduces project risks and future production risks for their customers.

ConQuip knows the importance of reliability, functionality and quality in terms of their effects on return on investment on these capital projects. It's ConQuip’s goal to provide production equipment that provides customers the means to produce top quality products that result in profitable business. ConQuip does this not only out of pride but also to become and remain a trusted and valued partner with hopes of participating in future projects with their customers. ConQuip's in it for the long run.